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Regional Leadership
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Regional Coordinators are representatives of the NODA membership, elected by their region. They are responsible for directing and coordinating educational and professional development activities, communication, and outreach for OTR professionals within their region. This role works in collaboration with the Regional Coordination Committee Chair and the NODA Association Staff. Regional Coordinators serve a two-year term and can be elected to multiple consecutive terms.

Regional Coordinator Applications will be accepted between
August 21 and September 11, 2017.

Required Qualifications
  1. Professional experience in higher education for at least 3 years.
  2. Active NODA membership for at least 3 years. NODA membership must be current at the time of application and throughout term.
  3. Demonstrated leadership experience within NODA, including but not limited to, state leadership, regional leadership, regional or annual conference committee, regional or annual conference host, network chair, and committee participation.
  4. Prior experience in hosting or serving on a regional conference planning team.
  5. Ability to establish and maintain effective communication with the Regional Coordination Committee Chair and Association Staff.
  6. Ability to carry forward a variety of projects requiring independent judgment and initiative while following through and completing designated assignments in an acceptable time period.
  7. Current employment in orientation, transition and retention and/or student affairs at an institution of higher education at time of application and throughout term.
  8. Knowledge of, and commitment to, the structure, purposes, and goals of NODA internationally, nationally and regionally.
  9. Current knowledge of and demonstrated commitment to the field of orientation, transition, and retention (Demonstrated higher-level experience in another student affairs association may be considered).
  10. Knowledge and attentiveness to issues relating to diverse constituencies especially within the region.
  11. Demonstrated contributions to the scholarship of the Association including, but not limited to: conference presentations or publication submission.
  12. Ability to think strategically and implement change.
  13. Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills and represent the Board of Directors to the membership with clarity, professionalism, and integrity.
  14. Ability to work in a highly collaborative environment balancing the needs of the Association Staff, NODA Leadership, NODA membership, and external constituents.
  15. Financial support (institutional or personal) is required to cover the travel costs to attend the Board of Director meetings.
  16. Qualifications preferred as specified by the Regional Coordination Committee. 

Preferred Qualifications
Apply strategic planning to what the needs of a region are based on geography, institution types, membership, and other unique needs that differ by region.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Serve as a resource person for the region, which includes but is not limited to, informing regional members of regional and national NODA activities, resources, and issues impacting the association and the field. Promote involvement in activities and leadership opportunities.
  2. Recruit, select, train, and lead a comprehensive and diverse Regional Leadership Team (RLT) which consists of unique functional roles.
        a. Determine most appropriate RLT structure for region (i.e. State/Province Coordinators, Communication, Networking, Professional Development, Membership, Event Planning, etc.).
        b. Regularly communicate with RLT to discuss concerns, needs, and activities related to region, association, and field.
        c. Set regional goals and plan initiatives, workshops, and events with RLT.
        d. Provide resources and guidance as members of RLT plan and execute regional initiatives, workshops, and events.
        e. Be a liaison between RLT and Association Office.
        f. Appoint and/or re-appoint RLT members on an annual basis.
        g. Regularly review and discuss RLT structure with Regional Coordination Committee.
  3. Recruit, select, train, and actively assist regional conference hosts.
        a. Work with Regional Coordination Committee Chair, Association Staff, and hotel consultants to explore conference site options and assist with the site selection and contract process.
        b. Select conference hosts through selection process that follows overall NODA timeline and expectations while taking into account the unique needs of the region.
        c. Provide support and guidance for selected hosts relative to regional conference guidelines and NODA exceptions and resources.
  4. Serve as a member of the Regional Coordination Committee.
        a. Prepare for, attend, and participate in all committee meetings, including meetings at or before NODAC, periodic conference calls, etc.
        b. Work together with other Regional Coordinators to discuss issues and complete initiatives and tasks that impact all NODA regions.
        c. Keep Regional Coordination Committee Chair apprised of any issues or concerns related to constituents within region.
  5. Coordinate and/or be present for certain activities at the annual and regional conferences including, but not limited to regional meetings and receptions, presenting the NODA Leadership and You educational session, etc.
  6. If possible, attend regional workshops and events to provide guidance and support.
  7. Maintain regional budget and appropriately allocate funds for the education and professional development of members, as well as the recruitment of non-members.
  8. Provide formal and informal reporting back to Regional Coordination Committee, Association Staff, and other members of NODA Leadership (i.e. board reports, regional conference final reports, etc.)

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