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Associate Members - Entertainment / Speakers
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Need a speaker, magician, or musician to entertain some students during your orientation, transition, or retention programming? Look no further! Choose from this plethora of NODA Associate Members to fill this programming piece on your campus.

20/20 Living Inc. - Member since 2017

20/20 Living Inc. is a company that specializes in vision creation and goal setting to help people live the most maximized version of themselves despite their previous obstacles or circumstances.


Admire Entertainment, Inc. - Member since 2014


Admire Entertainment is an award-winning agency engaging audiences to build community.  We believe you can educate and be entertaining simultaneously. Our model uses comedy, lectures and special events.  Admire Entertainment puts all of its well-honed skills to work to for you. We can offer you personalities who are already household names or  fast on their way to becoming well established.



Arel Moodie's College Success Program - Member since 2009

Arel Moodie is a national best selling author and has been a featured speaker at the White House and has been personally acknowledged for his work by President Obama. Inc. Magazine called Arel a “High-Energy, Motivator” and named him to their “30 Under 30 list” of top American entrepreneurs under 30 years old joining people like Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook.


Collegiate Empowerment - Member since 2010









Collegiate EmPowerment is a nationally recognized educational firm dedicated to serving the community of Higher Education across the globe. Since 1995 the firm has empowered over 1.8 million college students from over 2,800 colleges & universities from over 23 countries via our highly engaging and edutaining educational seminars, workshops and productions. The firm has been featured on several national media outlets including CNN, Oprah's O Magazine and SPIN Magazine. Collegiate EmPowerment is home to a series of national best-selling educational productions perfect for new student orientation & FYE including:

All of our killer productions are created by young adults & for young adults and facilitated by a team of diverse, young, relatable and high-energy facilitators. Best of all- if your students don't like us- you don't pay for us- guaranteed! 1-877-EDUTAIN (338-8246)


Curtis Hill Beyond Limits - Member since 2016



Curtis Hill is a Leadership speaker who has delivered over 1500 talks.


Dialogues on Diversity - Member since 2014









Dialogues on Diversity is a consulting and training company that is focused on empowering public and private institutions, companies, and academia to maximize their human resource potential by gaining understanding about the diversity that make up their workplace or institution. The United States has been called a "country of immigrants”. In 21st Century America this idea has never been truer. At the same time this barely scratches the surface of what embodies "Diversity" Current cultural and social trends have us at the cusp of a seismic social shift which we will experience in our lifetime. They will effect our home, personal and work lives in ways that many have never been oriented toward.


Dr. Justine Marie Shuey - Member since 2013





Hailing from the city of brotherly love, Dr. Justine Marie Shuey has always had a passion for human sexuality. She completed her Bachelors degree with a minor in Women & Gender Studies and was accepted to Widener University’s Masters in Human Sexuality Education program before heading to San Francisco to complete a Doctorate in Human Sexuality at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. Dr. Shuey is currently working towards a second doctorate degree (a Ph.D.) in Human Sexuality from Widener University.


Matt Glowacki - Member since 2015










Matt Glowacki was voted Best Speaker in 2014 and Best Diversity Artist for 2010 and 2013 by Campus Activities Magazine, and has been "The Most Booked Diversity Performer” on college campuses for the past ten years. Matt has delivered his messages of diversity to over half a million people and two sitting Presidents of the United States; the next thing for him to do is to share his unique sense of humor, perspective, and high energy presentation style with your campus. Matt’s new common sense approach to tackling ignorance sets him apart from the crowd of educators and puts him in a new class of "Revolutionary”. The use of humor is always present in his illustrations of absurdity, when it deals with the judgments of others. And for the record, "He was just born without any legs. Everything else is there and works just fine.”


JPHigherEd - Member since 2016


JPHigherEd is a company that provides identity-conscious, professional development opportunities in the form of webinars, online courses, and campus speaking engagements. JPHigherEd has a full team of webinar facilitators who utilize a social justice lens in all of the work they do! We believe that EVERY conversation needs to center the voices of those who are most marginalized on our campuses. For more information or to become a part of our community, please visit or contact us at! 


Janine Latus - Member since 2016













As the author of the international bestseller If I Am Missing or Dead: a sister's story of love, murder and liberation, Janine Latus travels around the world speaking to audiences on the spectrum of sexual assault and intimate partner violence. She addresses consent, intervening and healing from sexual assault, and uses her family’s story to illustrate the Duluth Power & Control Wheel so that attendees feel the spectrum of relationship abuse at a gut level, whether it’s during teen dating or as a pattern within an established relationship. She explains how to recognize and escape from abuse, how to intervene if you're an outsider, and most of all, how to thrive afterward.

Zach Mercurio - Member since 2016





Zach is an inspirational speaker and trainer who believes that what you do in your life, school, and work will only ever be as good as WHY you do it. This sense of authentic purpose can radically transform everything we do as people and teams.

By focusing on the powerful human search for meaning and purpose, Zach’s message hits home for students, leaders, and staff. With over 9 years of prior experience coordinating new student orientation programs, Zach has found that when students and their leaders (1) Believe they matter, (2), Know why, and (3) Deliver "why” consistently, everything they do transforms.

As a PhD candidate studying meaning and purpose, Zach brings modern research into his engaging and interactive sessions. Popular topics include (but are not limited to): College with Authentic Purpose, Living and Leading with Authentic Purpose, and Delivering Purposeful Human Experiences.For more, and to book Zach, visit


Metropolis Management - Member since 2016

Metropolis Offers:
--Educational programs that equip and prepare students
--Diverse Speakers
--Relevant and Timely Topics and Presentations
--Exemplary customer service provided by the Metropolis Management / Coleman Speaks Team
--Event assistance and support, start to finish
--Speaker “matchmaking” for your event or conference


Orange Slice - Member since 2011







We Transform Students into Leaders. For the last 15 years Jeff Stafford has been partnering with groups and individuals to help them create goals and experience the success the desire. As a former Director of Campus Life, Jeff knows that student engagement is more than just FREE PIZZA. Orange Slice Training was created in 2006 to allow students to take greater control for their leadership development and success on campus – and beyond! Jeff is more than just a motivational speaker – he’s an educator that provides insight and tools that spark students to take action and control for making the most of their college experience. Here’s what a Director of Orientation and Student Engagement said after partnering with Orange Slice Training: "I hired Jeff to provide a goal-setting keynote presentation for over 600 new students. He was energetic, funny, and was able to get his message across in a way that resonated with both new and transfer students.” Here’s what a Director of Leadership Development said after working together: "I initially brought Jeff to CSUMB to train our Orientation Leaders but discovered he had a wealth of knowledge to offer so I hired him to do four different workshops at our annual Student Leadership Conference.”Orange Slice Training is a great solution for your New Student Events – Student Leader Trainings – Retreats. Learn more at or call 612-670-0353.


Simplified Entertainment - Member since 2016





Serving All 50 States. Hypnosis, novelty Laser Tag, Glow Golf, Diversity, and a host of other stuff! Please visit the website or call us. We can produce custom shows and events too.

Swift Kick - Member since 2014





Four-Time Campus Speaker of the Year, Swift Kick, moves students from apathy to engagement using innovative training and tools. Our main leadership program, "Dance Floor Theory Leadership Training" helps students see and understand the challenges and opportunities of engagement on their campus in a new way. For more information, visit


Nick Tokman LCC - Member since 2017

Nick Tokman's mission is to inspire others to go after what they want in life, to encourage them to be who they are and to give every ounce of effort inside themselves to make their dreams reality. He wants to stir the same drive and passion for others to not just dream, but to DO those things. 

True to Life Training - Member since 2014










True to Life Training is founded in the belief that people improve the quality of their interpersonal interactions by building better leadership skills and understanding what drives themselves and their colleagues. Whatever the workplace — college, camp, corporation or small business — True to Life transforms what are often thought of as intangible skills into tangible, usable tools.

Wealth Educators International - Member since 2013

Wealth Educators International is a financial education and training company focusing on the financial needs of young people. Founder Peter Bielagus has traveled to over 500 colleges, universities and military bases all over the world, empowering people to take charge of their financial lives. Wealth Educators International has NO affiliations with ANY financial company and does not sell any financial products, other than educational products such as books and CDs.

Wolfman Productions - Member since 2017








Our speakers shape thoughts and beliefs, warm hearts, challenge paradigms, ignite passions, question behaviors, and, through their engagements with audiences, transform lives. Wolfman Productions is fully committed to the idea that we can make the world a better place. Let’s change the world together.

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