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What is the Databank?
The NODA Databank is a collection of statistical information about Orientation and Transition programs and office functions from member institutions collected every three to five years. The last round of data collection for the Databank was collected during the 2014 academic year.


How is the Information Collected?
NODA has used a variety of mediums to collect data from our membership for this comprehensive survey.  When the Databank begin in 1978, we initially used pen and paper mailings to the membership.  Since then, we have adapted and used online survey tools such as CampusLabs and most recently Qualtrics to administer the survey.

How do I Access the Databank?

You can view the results from the last Databank in the NODA Resource Library in NODA Connect. For more information about the NODA Databank, or to request specific information, please fill out this form. Please review section information below prior to submitting your request.

How do I Participate in the Databank?

Each member institutions designated professional staff received e-mail inviting their participation. Once you have completed the survey, the data is processed and added to the Databank.

What is surveyed in each section?

Databank Section 1: General info, # and types of programs, some budget information
Databank Section 2: Staffing, human resources, payroll
Databank Section 3: Orientation Programming
Databank Section 4: Transition Programming
Databank Section 5: Extended/Camp Programing
Databank Section 6: Online Programing
Databank Section 7: Program Content
Databank Section 8: Parent and family programming specifics and student staffing
Databank Section 9: Assessment - how do you assess your programs, learning outcomes, etc...


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