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Internship Program
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                                                                                                       2017/2018 Internship Timeline

Host Timeline Candidate Timeline
Opening after this years annual conference

Host schools can begin creating & posting positions

Candidates can begin creating applications/profiles
January 9, 2018

Deadline for Hosts to create position postings (postings may be edited throughout process)

Deadline for Candidates to create profiles (profiles may be edited throughout process)
January 16, 2018

Hosts may begin reviewing candidate applications/profiles but NOT reach out to intern candidates

Candidates may begin reviewing & applying for internship positions

January 23, 2018

Hosts begin contacting candidates & setting up interviews

Hosts may begin recruiting additional internship candidates beyond those who have applied to their internship postings

Interviews begin
February 20, 2018 First round of offers can be made starting at 1pm EST First round of offers can be made starting at 1pm EST



What is a NODA Internship?
The NODA Internship Program matches orientation, transition and retention professionals and host institutions with energetic, dedicated students looking to expand their orientation experience and connections. NODA Internships take place during the summer months. Currently, no academic year NODA internships are offered.
NODA internships are designed to:
  • Facilitate the matching of motivated, quality students with challenging, exciting orientation positions at NODA member institutions across U.S and Canada.
  • Encourage the renewal of our profession by creating employment opportunities for students interested in gaining orientation, transition, and retention experience.
Why a NODA Internship?
Interns gain valuable insight into varied methods of planning and implementing orientation, transition and retention programs. Interns have the opportunity to be involved in many different aspects of orientation, to expand their knowledge base and understanding of the diversity in programs, to develop an extensive support and mentor base, and to experience a variety of related areas. Through providing an internship experience, the host institution/program has the opportunity to gain from the perspective and background of an enthusiastic and fresh viewpoint on specific projects as well as in program implementation. The short term nature can also provide an economical way to increase the number of staff during a busy time of year, while increasing the ideas, the experience and the connections for your program.

Compensation and Length of Experience
Internship compensation packages and terms of service are determined by the individual internship provider.
Most internships will be 10-14 weeks throughout the period of May through August. Hosts may indicate if dates are flexible; candidates should apply only for those internships whose timelines they can accommodate.

Application Fee
There is an application fee for candidates who apply for internship positions. This fee, designed to cover administrative costs, will be a part of the application process and will be due at the time candidates submit their completed application (due in January) and will include a year of NODA membership. Current fee: $60.00 USD which includes a year NODA membership. Candidates cannot view postings prior to fee payment.


Host Institution Eligibility
All host institutions must have at least one current member of NODA throughout the internship period. The member need not be the direct supervisor of the intern.

Host Resource Center

To assist in planning for a NODA Intern, all hosts are provided access to the Host Resource Center where there are samples of contracts, appointment letters, interview questions, evaluations and much more. Host institutions should follow university protocols in hiring, performance evaluation and dismissal of NODA interns.

Intern Eligibility
To apply for a NODA Internship, individuals must have obtained a Bachelor's degree prior to the internship. There are two categories of candidate:
  • Current graduate student at the time of application to the NODA Internship program, or
  • Individual who has BA/ BS degree prior to summer, but has yet to begin a graduate program
NODA Internships are intended to pair interns with institutions with which they have no previous experience. Therefore, a student may not serve as an intern at his or her current institution. While all interns will have completed a Bachelor’s degree prior to the start of the internship, hosts may identify a preference for recent graduates or applicants with at least a year of graduate school experience.

How Does the Matching Process Work?

October/ November
Institution decides to offer an internship; creates posting through the internship portal at
Completed Host application includes:
Confirmed NODA membership
Completed online application/posting, including all position details
Candidate can begin process by preparing resume and exploring internship information at
Posting is compiled and prepared for online access

Potential candidates review posted positions
Candidate submit application, including an updated resume, online application and application fee.
Host receives candidate pool (applications and resumes)
Host screens and interviews candidates in the timeframe allotted (typically by phone)

Host makes initial offers (following timeline given)
Candidate accepts or declines offer(s)

Agreement letters and contracts are exchanged.
A great relationship kicks off and the internship experience begins!

For Information about internships or the process of becoming a host or candidate, contact the NODA Association Office: or 1-866-521-NODA

For technical assistance, fee or membership questions, contact:
NODA Association Office
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