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Conference Registration
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Graduate & Undergraduate Student Features





Thank you for your interest in registering to attend the NODA Annual Conference! Registration for the 2017 Annual Conference opens in June. Registration rates can be found below.

Professionals currently employed in the field of orientation, transition, and retention should select professional registration; if you are a NODA member, please sign in before-hand to receive the member discount. Graduate students must be NODA members before registering to attend the Annual Conference; you must create a membership login before registering. If you are a professional bringing undergraduate students to the conference you can register them via the undergraduate registration button; if you are a current NODA member, please sign in before registering your students. Associate Members (AMs) who would like to exhibit at the conference can fill out the Associate Member registration; AMs must be NODA members to attend the conference.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the NODA Association Office at or 612.301.NODA (6632).



While registering for the conference online, you can either pay with a credit card immediately or create an invoice to pay with a check. If you choose to pay with a check please send it to the NODA Association Office at: 2829 University Ave SE, Suite 415, Minneapolis, MN 55414. We highly recommend paying for your registration fee before arriving on-site for the event, this way your ability to attend will not be hindered. NODA does not accept checks on-site, only credit cards if necessary.


Attendee Type
Early Bird Rate
June 1 - Aug 28
Regular Rate
Aug 29 - Oct 16
Late Rate
Oct 17 - 30
Professional Member
Non-member (Professional)
Graduate Student Member*
Undergraduate Student
Orientation Professionals Institute**
$400 $500
Orientation Professionals Institute (Non-member)
$475 $550 $600
Associate Member Non-Exhibiting
$375 $450 $500
Associate Member Exhibiting
$1,075 $1,150 $1,200

*Graduate Student Attendees must be NODA members to attend the NODA Annual Conference, and receive the Graduate Student rate.

**OPI Registration is priced separate from the Annual Conference. If you would like to attend both, you must register and pay for both.

***Associate Members registering to exhibit at the conference must register by October 1st to be included in the conference program.

Pre-Conference Workshops

Information coming soon.


Graduate Student Experience

Graduate students can register for these featured opportunities during conference registration, at no additional cost. More info coming at a later date. 

Undergraduate Student Features

What is the Student Leadership Institute?
The Student Leadership Institute is a highly interactive program for undergraduate student leaders that takes place on Sunday and Monday during the NODA annual conference. It is designed for all undergraduate student leaders regardless if they are new or seasoned staff. Through large and small group discussion formats, your student leaders will have an opportunity to engage with each other and the presenters on various topics of leadership and professional/personal development.

What will my student gain by attending?
The SLI topics selected will engage undergraduate students regardless of their experiences working with orientation/transition/

retention programs. Students will have an opportunity to meet other students in similar roles. Sessions will be interactive and students will be able to share their experiences.
Learning Outcomes:
          1. Create peer networking opportunities
          2.  Provide a forum for undergraduates to share best practices related to their work as                   paraprofessionals in the field of orientation, transition and retention.
          3.  Offer mentorship connections with faculty
          4.  Integrate learning from the Annual Conference featured speakers and educational                   sessions 
          5.  Grow student leadership skills related to orientation, transition and retention
          6.  Develop strategies to positively impact their institutions and student leadership roles



Rainbow Ribbon Project

Donations from the long-standing rainbow ribbon project will be used to support a local GLBTA organization. Donate $1 and represent the NODA GLBTA Network by pinning a rainbow ribbon on your name tag!

Cancellation Policy

All NODA membership fees are nonrefundable once payment has been processed. Conference registrants requesting a cancellation that is received in writing to the NODA Association Office on or before 5 p.m. CST, October 20, 2016, will receive a full refund. Registrants requesting a cancellation in writing on or before 5 p.m. CST, no later than November 3, 2016, will receive a refund minus a $100 late cancellation fee. Absolutely no refunds will be made to individuals canceling within 24 hours of the conference start date (November 5, 2016). Conference organizers cannot accept refund requests that result from cancelled flights and/or natural disasters. Highlight session fees are nonrefundable.



Do I have to be a NODA member to attend the conference?
Yes, and no. Only graduate students and associate members have to be NODA members to attend the conference. Professionals in the field of orientation, transition, and retention do not have to be members to attend, but do receive a significant discount if they are NODA members. Undergraduate students do not have to be members to attend, and pay the same registration fee whether they are a member or not.

If I can't attend the conference but I purchased a membership to attend, can I be refunded?
Once paid, membership fees are nonrefundable. Depending on the time and date of your cancellation your conference fee may be refundable (see cancellation policy for details).

If I have multiple invoices for registration, can I pay with one check?
Yes! You can most definitely pay with one check, but please include copies of your invoices when you submit payment so we can apply the payment to the correct accounts.

How do I register my graduate student(s) for the conference?
Since graduate students have to be NODA members to attend the conference, they must also register themselves for the conference through their own member profile.

What are my payment options?
While registering for the conference you will have two options for payment, 'pay with a card' or 'pay with a check'. If you choose to 'pay with a check' an invoice will be created for you to pay at a later date. If you choose this option but then decide to pay with a card instead, you can sign in to your member profile, navigate to 'Manage Profile' and then click 'Invoices'. You can pay all open invoices at this page.

How do I register for the Orientation Professionals Institute (OPI)?
Registration for the OPI is separate than registration for the annual conference. You can attend both, but will need to register separately for both events. You can also choose to only attend OPI if you wish.

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