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NODA Internship Candidate Information
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 Why a NODA Internship?

NODA internships can greatly enhance your NODA student membership experience. Many NODA professional members began their career with a NODA internship.

NODA interns gain valuable insight into varied methods of planning and implementing orientation, transition, and retention programs. They have the opportunity to be involved in many different aspects of orientation, to expand their knowledge base and understanding of the diversity in programs, and to develop an extensive support and mentor base. 

NODA's Internship Program is designed to facilitate the matching of motivated, quality students with challenging, exciting OTR positions at NODA member institutions across the U.S. and Canada.

This is accomplished by bringing together these candidates and hosts through our online tool, which fosters:

  • centralized communication
  • manage applications
  • schedule interviews
  • confirm candidate / internship matches

 2017 Timeline and Changes to the Program
Important Changes to the Internship Program, Starting November 2017
  • Candidates are now required to write personalized cover letters and personal statements for each internship they apply for. 
  • Interview scheduling, along with all other communication between the hosts and candidates, will take place inside the online tool. Candidates will be able to see the hosts' availability for interviews within the online system and request interview times. 

Click here to review a timeline for Internship Hosts. 

Additional Resources

 The following are materials provided from past NODA Internship candidates. If you have materials of your own that you would like to provide to the NODA Association Office, please email it to

How to Post a Candidate Application (Application Process)

Past NODA Intern Advice



1: Is there compensation for Internships?
Internship compensation packages and terms of service are determined by the individual internship provider.

2: How long are the Internship experiences?
Most internships will be 10-14 weeks throughout the period of May through August. Hosts may indicate if dates are flexible; candidates should apply only for those internships whose timelines they can accommodate.

3: How many Internship positions can I apply to?
Internship candidates can apply to an unlimited amount of position postings. Please keep in mind that you will need to upload an individualized cover letter for each position you apply.

4: What is the application fee?
In order to apply for internship positions, you must hold a current student membership ($60) and pay the internship fee ($25). You will not have access to the Internship site until the full $85 (membership and internship fee) is paid.

5: How do I know if I am eligible to be an Intern?
To apply for a NODA internship, individuals must have obtained a Bachelor's degree PRIOR to the internship. There are two categories of candidates:
-Current graduate student at the time of application to the NODA Internship program, or
-Individual who has a BA/BS degree prior to Summer, but has yet to begin a graduate program

NODA Internships are intended to pair interns with institutions with which they have no previous experience. Therefore, a student may not serve as an intern at his or her current institution. While all interns will have completed a Bachelor's degree prior to the start of the internship, hosts may identify a preference for recent graduates or applicants with at least a year of graduate school experience.

In order to participate as a candidate in the NODA Internship Program, you must be a current NODA member and have paid the $20 Internship Program fee by the December 19th deadline. Once both the membership and internship fees are paid, you can login to the Internship Program online tool using your NODA membership login information. Within the online tool, you will be able to create your profile, browse internship positions, and communicate directly with internship hosts. 

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