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Candidates for External Review Services
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NODA External Review Services Program

NODA is seeking qualified candidates for the NODA External Review Services program.

NODA has over 30 years history of education, leadership and professional development in the field of college student orientation, transition, and retention. NODA’s diverse professional interest shares experience in new freshman/transfer student orientation; family orientation; student leader selection, training and development; parent programs; and retention – using experienced people from inside and outside the field to conduct on-site evaluations for the client.

NODA is committed to providing a cost-effective external review; and are prepared to assess and analyze the institution’s particular needs, whether large or small in scale.

An effective orientation program focuses on creating an experience for new students. This experience should introduce all students to the educational and extracurricular experiences while providing intentional opportunities to meet and interact with other students, faculty, and staff. Students will be integrated into the intellectual, cultural, and social climate of the institution.

A successful orientation program minimizes families’ anxiety by providing information and support. This is the institution’s opportunity to demonstrating how it will deliver on the promises that were made during the recruitment phase.

A well coordinated program draws from units all over campus to provide information on policies, procedures, and requirements to assist students and families to understand the purpose of the institution and their responsibility in the educational experience.

Orientation is the bridge that connects recruitment and retention strategies together. Without an effective orientation program, efforts to bring in the right students into the institution will be jeopardized, as well as the ability to retain them.

Visit 1: Content Analysis & Review of Existing Processes
Objective: To assess & evaluate existing processes and programs to identify gaps and establish success
metrics based on CAS Standards.

Visit 2: Facilitated Focus Groups/ Assessment
Objective: To meet with constituents and participants through a series of focus groups and assessment
to identify programmatic and learning outcomes.

Visit 3: Final report
Objective: To provide recommendations (strategies, tactics and program design) for how to
demonstrate organizational engagement in the orientation process.
(*Visit 1 and 2 can be combined into one extended visit.)

To view the Consultant Position Description and Selection Information, please click here

If you feel you are qualified to offer external review services on behalf of NODA please click here to complete the online application.

If you would like to recommend a consultant candidate please click here

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