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President-Elect Application
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 Applications due by November 27, 2017



The President of NODA is the chief officer and directs all agents in carrying out the processes and services of the Association. The President chairs the Executive Committee. The President-Elect, President and Past-President are members of the Executive Committee.


The President shall serve as the President-Elect for a one-year term prior to serving as President for a one-year term and as Past-President for a one-year term after serving as President. 


Required Qualifications: 


  1. At least eight (8) years of professional experience in higher education;
  2. Current employment in orientation, transition and retention and/or student affairs at an institution of higher education at time of application and throughout term;
  3. Professional membership in NODA for no less than six (6) years. NODA membership must be current at application and throughout term;
  4. At least four (4) years of service in an appointed or elected NODA leadership position. Note: the terms of service will be counted in years served, not in number of positions held; in other words, holding two positions in the same year will only count as one year of service. 
  5. NODA General Board Member experience;
  6. Demonstrated contributions to the scholarship of the Association including, but not limited to: conference presentations, published articles, scholarly research, etc.

Preferred Qualifications (articulated by the current NODA Board of Directors):


  1. Doctorate degree in Higher Education or related field preferred;
  2. Demonstrated experience in executive leadership, management and decision-making preferred.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Necessary to Perform the Primary Responsibilities of the Position (listed below):


  1. Knowledge of, and commitment to, the structure, purposes, and goals of NODA internationally, nationally and regionally;
  2. Current knowledge of (and demonstrated commitment to) the field of orientation, transition, and retention  (NOTE: Demonstrated higher-level experience in another Student Affairs association may be considered);
  3. Knowledge of (and attentiveness to) issues relating to diverse constituencies;
  4. Effective written and oral communication skills;
  5. Effective executive leadership and managerial skills;
  6. Ability to think strategically about how the Association can meet the goals and objectives outlined in the current Strategic Plan;
  7. Ability to work in a highly collaborative environment balancing the needs of the Association Staff, NODA Leadership, NODA membership, and external constituents.

Primary Responsibilities of the President-Elect:


  1. Serve on the Executive Committee and attend all meetings of the Executive Committee (bi-monthly virtual meetings and one transition meeting in January);
  2. Attend three Board of Director meetings: 1 in-person meeting in the Spring; 1 in-person meeting in the Fall (annual conference) and 1 virtual meeting in July/August;
  3. Provide guidance to the Association Chairs in meeting the mission and strategic plan of the Association.  This may include quarterly conference calls and individual check-ins;
  4. Serve on NODA Personnel Committee;
  5. Serve on committee to review all Institute faculty applications;
  6. Perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President;
  7. Complete other duties as delegated by the President.


Application Information: 


The following is required for application to be the NODA President-Elect. The Nominations Committee may follow up with additional opportunities to promote your candidacy, and all materials will be available to NODA members for review during the election period.


As a candidate, you must:


1. Complete the online application.
2. Provide a current resume.
3. Provide a Vision Statement that answers: Taking into consideration NODA's current strategic plan, what is your vision for the Association during your term of office, and how will you contribute to the advancement of that vision? Bullet point formatted response is preferred. Please do not copy and paste from Word.
4. Provide a personal statement that addresses:

  • Your motivation to run for this position;
  • the strengths and unique qualities you would bring to the position 
  • how your experience as a volunteer in NODA has helped you understand the structures and operational processes of the Association;
  • your professional background and knowledge of the OTR field;
  • how you will leverage this information to function strategically in a highly collaborative environment balancing the needs of the Association Staff, NODA Leadership, NODA membership, and diverse constituents.

5. Provide three letters of recommendation/support. One letter must be from your immediate supervisor and must mention your financial support for all costs associated with performing the duties of the position, and acknowledge that NODA will not reimburse these costs. All letters of recommendation should also address you experience in strategic planning and executive leadership; experience leading diverse groups, and your ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of constituents.

6. Read the NODA Conflict of Interest Policy, NODA Leadership Standards & Commitments & Statement of Purpose Volunteer Accountability before completing your application. If appointed to the position that you are applying for, you promise to adhere to these guidelines and agree to take on the responsibilities associated with the position. You understand that the NODA Board of Directors has the authority to remove you from this position should you neglect to fulfill all associated responsibilities. You promise to work in the best interest of NODA and towards the premises and goals outlined in the NODA Strategic Plan. You acknowledge that if elected, any currently held positions (elected or appointed) will be concluded by the time this position starts (i.e. you cannot run for President if you're serving on the Board of Directors, unless you are completing the 3rd year of your term).  

7. You must be available for a web-hosted interview with all candidates on Monday, November 28 at 1:00pm (CST). More details to come. 

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