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Education Session Proposal Rubric
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Ratings Demonstrates a connection to the mission and core values of NODA Proposal has clearly defined learning outcomes Proposal addressed how the presentation will meet learning outcomes Inclusion of assessment or outcome data when relevant Intentionally addresses how information can be applied to other institution types Evidence of application of theoretical models, current research, and/or best practices in the field Proposal is written professionally: tone, grammar, spelling, etc.
1 No stated or implied connection to mission/core values. No stated or implied learning outcomes. No stated learning outcomes or no attempt to connect learning outcomes to program proposal. No mention of data or assessment. No acknowledgement or potential for program to be applied to other institutions. No indication that program is grounded in theory, research, or best practices. Numerous grammatical/spelling mistakes. Writing is unprofessional in tone and style.
2 Mission/core values stated in program description although connection is not clear. No stated learning outcomes although program description demonstrates some potential for participant learning. Program proposal makes weak connections toward achieving learning outcomes. Proposal makes some mention of assessment or outcome data. Proposal has potential for applicability to other institutions. Proposal states no specific theories, research, or best practice, but is an accepted application in the field. Some grammatical/ spelling mistakes. Writing is unprofessional in tone and style.
3 No stated connection to mission/core values, although implications for this connection are readily apparent. Learning outcomes stated in program description. Program proposal indicates how learning outcomes will be achieved. Proposal indicates that assessment or outcome data will accompany program description. Proposal makes an attempt to indicate applicability to other institutions. Proposal states specific theories, research, or best practices. Few, if any, grammatical/spelling mistakes. Writing is fairly professional in tone and style.
4 Clearly articulated connection between mission/core values and program topic. Clearly articulated learning outcomes. Clearly articulated connection between learning outcomes and program content. Proposal demonstrates a clear intent to include relevant assessment or outcome data in detail. Proposal clearly indicates how program may be applied to other institutions. Proposal clearly indicates a grounding in and intent to apply theory, research, or best practices. Proposal is well written and professional. No grammatical/spelling mistakes.

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