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Highlights of the Fall 2016 NODA Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, December 21, 2016   (0 Comments)
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Association Office Updates
• Core Competencies: a marketing piece announcing the Core Competencies was created and will be available at the conference; the final report is being put into a publication format for distribution to the membership in print and electronic copies
• A new member marketing piece has been developed welcoming members to the Association. It includes a NODA logo sticker and magnet showcasing ways to get involved
• The Executive Director has been working with external consultants in developing a plan for staff positions. The position description will be re-written to remove logistical items and move to the development of a new position. The Board approved a new position with the expectation that the Executive Director will work with the Finance Committee to determine salary requirements
• Chad Henderson joined the Association as the Director of Events, Programs & Services and Geida Cleveland joined NODA as the Events Specialist
• NODA Connect was launched. All networks and regional material will migrate after the first of the year
• A new program will be launched for educational programming and award submissions for the regional conferences
• NODA President Andy Cinoman and Executive Director Joyce Holl attended the Global Summit on Student Affairs in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The Board discussed the need to determine NODA’s presence and OTR internationally

Ad Hoc Committee Updates
• A draft report on Educational Partnerships was reviewed. The Board requested more clarification on the current relationships and their role in the requirements of a partnership. A final report will be submitted to the Board in the spring
• Governmental Relations has recently been formed and will be meeting after the first of the year
• The Diversity & Inclusion committee has been conducting an internal audit of the Association. A draft report will be submitted to the Board in the spring

Board Development: Understanding the fiscal health of the Association
• NODA’s auditor discussed the financial health of the Association. He noted that the Association is significantly healthy, especially due to the investment balance
• The Board discussed different revenue streams and determined the need to diversify the funding avenues

Strategic Discussion: FLSA-Impact on the Association
• We are unsure how the FLSA legislation will impact the Association and our members
• The Board would like the Association to share information with members on the legislation and include potential resources

Strategic Discussion: Implementation of Core Competencies
• The Board discussed the education needed for the competencies
• It is an opportunity to enhance content at conferences
• Board discussed structure, roll out, role of current leadership; audience level, etc.

Strategic Discussion: Faculty Engagement with NODA
• Discussion centered on how NODA can involve faculty in Association activities with opportunities that need to be explored at many levels including conferences and publications

Strategic Discussion: Committee Reports - Educational Initiatives
• EI has been developing an outline for soliciting experts for webinars
• The Committee requested a sub group for publications, however the Board suggested a standing committee
• OPI review process is almost complete with participant interviews taking place onsite. The review is focusing on the value of the work being done with OPI
Leadership Development:
• Working on a toolkit for volunteer leaders (modules to learn more about NODA and being a leader within the Association)
• Mentor program is being revised and will open soon
Network Coordination:
• A manual is being developed to help network chairs further understand their role
Research Committee:
• Rolling out the GAP Project and annotated bibliography
Annual Conference Advisory Committee:
• Exploring risk management issues at the annual conference
• Considerations for the annual conference for 2021
Regional Coordination Committee:
• Discussing role clarification and emergency planning for regional conferences

Strategic Discussion: Leadership Recruitment, Nominations and Elections
• Updates to the qualifications of elected position (correcting inconsistencies and enhancing preferred qualifications), was discussed
• A rubric was created to review applicants
• The role of the Board in recruiting qualified applicants was discussed

Strategic Discussion: Addressing Conduct Issue within Leadership
• There was discussion on the need to develop standards and protocol for volunteer leadership positions and what a policy and procedure might look like
• A small group of Board members will explore the issue and provide recommendations to the Board

Strategic Discussion: Responding to National/International Incidents
• Discussion centered on how NODA should respond to national or international incidents
• Joyce will benchmark with peer Associations on their protocol

• Establish an Ad Hoc for NODA Core Competency Strategic Implementation - Passed
• Development of a Editorial Review Board - Passed
• Investment advisors - RFP every 5 years - Passed
• Member Needs Assessment conducted every 3 years - Passed
• Review of Strategic Plan, Core Competencies and Needs Assessment at Spring Board meetings-Passed
• Dissolve the Canadian Network - Passed
• Create a Standing Committee to explore the needs of international membership - Passed

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