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A Guide for Families of Commuter Students: Supporting Your Student's Success (Second Edition)
Cathie Hatch, Tracy L. Skipper, Jennifer Porter, Caitlin Herby

Published: October 2017

Cost: $3.25 or$2.25 each when purchased in a set of 100 copies

The latest collaboration between NODA and the National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition, this brief guide aims to help family members prepare for the changes to come when students live off campus, with an eye toward continued understanding and support. It serves as a primer for student and family adjustment while also highlighting on-campus resources and answering questions about financial and privacy issues.

Table of Contents:

A Letter to Families (Introduction)
Adjusting to College
Academic Expectations
Student Engagement
Health and Well-Being
College Finances
Campus Resoures
Concluding Thoughts










Navigating the First College Year: A Guide for Parents and Families
Richard Mullendore and Leslie Banahan

Published: December 2014

Cost: $3.00 or $2.00 each when purchased in sets of 100

Parents and family members play a critical role in the success of new college students, but those who never attended college or who have been away from it for a while may lack critical information about the purpose, goals, and structure of higher education today. This brief guide offers parents and families an overview of the college experience, especially in the first year, and suggests strategies for helping their students succeed. A glossary of key terms is included. Grounded in the student success research and practice literature, the guide is ideal for use in orientation programs, recruitment events, and family weekends. 

Table of Contents:

The Transition from High School to College
The Ebb and Flow of the Academic Year
Communication and Support
The Big Four: Behaviors Supporting Academic Success 
College Structures Supporting Student Success
College Finances
Technology and Higher Education
Healthy Students are Successful Students
Campus Safety
When the First Year is not a Success
How Parents Can Stay Involved 
Closing Thoughts











Guia para los Padres de los Estudiantes de Primer Año 
Richard Mullendore and Leslie Banahan

Published: May 2007

Cost: $3.00 or $2.00 each when purchased in sets of 100

Diseñado para ayudar a los padres a comprender la naturaleza de la transición universitaria y ofrecer consejos para que la transición sea exitosa no solo para los estudiantes universitarios de primer año sino también para sus familias. La guía es un recurso ideal para los programas de orientación, los "fines de semana de los padres" y otros programas para padres.

(Designed to help parents understand the nature of the college transition and offer tips to make that transition a successful one for not only the first-year college student but for their families as well, the guide is an ideal resource for orientation programs, parents' weekends, and other parent programs.) 

Table of Contents:

Programas de Orientatión
Cómo se Comunican los Padres y las Universidades Entre Sí
Comunicación: Los estudiantes y sus Padres se Están Comunicado más que Nunca
El Año Académico
Fortaleciendo la Experiencia Académica
Salud y Seguridad Personal en el Campus Universitario
Administración del Dinero
Tecnología: Oportunidades, Conveniencia y Desafíos para los Estudiantes y sus Padres
Cuando el Primer Año Fracasa
Comentarios Finales


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