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Volunteers of NODA
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Taylor KaminProgram Coordinator, Auburn University

"Volunteering with NODA seemed like a great way to get to know other people within the profession and to do something outside of my normal day-to-day work. And that has truly been the case. As I volunteered, the large national organization grew to feel smaller and smaller, and I felt like I could give back more and more by utilizing my strengths and passions." 

Current & Previous NODA Volunteer Roles: Transfer Services Network Co-Chair, 2015 Annual Conference Planning Committee


Holly WilliamsDirector of Retention and Student Success, Alvin Community College

"Serving as the Two-Year College Network Chair for three years was an unforgettable experience. I met many wonderful two-year colleagues, and I am tremendously proud of the accomplishments and growth experienced within the network while working with leaders such as Michelle Nightingale and Phillip Campbell." 

Current & Previous NODA Volunteer Roles: Globalization Committee & Task Force, Retention Symposium Planning Team, Two-Year College Network Co-Chair


Alison Leach Hughes, Assistant Dean of Students / Director of New Student & Family Programs, Florida State University

"Volunteering allows you the opportunity to gain knowledge, experience, and practical application to aspects that may not be built into your position at your institution. I utilized my volunteer experiences to fill in the gaps and help enhance my skill set. I also was able to form a strong network of colleagues (now friends) across the country (and beyond!) to brainstorm with and learn from. This aspect has probably been the most valuable piece of NODA tenure."

Current & Previous NODA Volunteer Roles: Regional Coordination Committee Chair, 2013 Annual Conference Committee Member, 2013 Region IV Coordinator, 2013 Region IV Conference Host


Becca Baier, Assistant Director of New Student Orientation & Family Programs, Rutgers University - New Brunswick 

"I have gained more experience in the areas of event planning, logistics, communication (verbal and written), strategic thinking, teamwork, collaboration, and global/cultural awareness through my volunteering positions. I have been able to make such valuable connections that will serve as a support in my professional and personal life now and in the future." 

Current & Previous NODA Volunteer Roles: Educational Session Proposal Peer Reviewer, Volunteer at Regional & National Conferences, Region VIII Undergraduate Education Coordinator, 2018 Region VIII Conference Host


Kyle Flowers, Residence Director, University of Minnesota, Twin-Cities

"I choose to volunteer in NODA because of how much professional opportunities this association has provided for me. From serving on leadership teams as a graduate student to holding a standing appointment within the Association, NODA has continued to open doors for me in ways that I never would have imagined." 

Current & Previous NODA Volunteer Roles: SLI Lead Faculty, SLI Faculty, Region V Leadership Team (Membership Development Coordinator), Region I Leadership Team (Graduate Student Representative, Operation Packet Series Coordinator), Regional I Conference Planning Committee, Educational Initiatives Committee


Tina Arthur, Director of Orientation Services, The University of Iowa

"My volunteer experiences have pushed me to think more strategically, broadened my network, and challenged me to work outside of my comfort zone. I appreciate all of the opportunities I have had to share my knowledge through NODA and find others in OTR who have guided and mentored me through this organization and my career." 

Current & Previous NODA Volunteer Roles: Annual Conference Committee, Regional Conference Host, Regional Conference Committees, Board Member, Regional Task Force, State Coordinator for Iowa, Nominations Committee 


Jamal Smith, Director of Orientation Programs, Stephen F. Austin
State University

"NODA has been a part of my life since my undergraduate days as an orientation student coordinator. The Association played a huge role in my falling in love with OTR. It has been important to me to give back to NODA and the students and new professionals who will come after me, while also continuing to grow and develop in the field." 

Current & Previous NODA Volunteer Roles: Diversity & Inclusion Committee Member, Extended Orientation Network Co-Chair


Cimmeron O'Connor, Director of Orientation Programs, Ohio University

"As an Orientation office of one, I knew I needed a network. I volunteered at my first NODA Annual Conference and was immediately greeted with more opportunities. Everyone was friendly, welcoming, and so helpful in offering advice, helping me make connections, and really supporting my growth in NODA and as a professional." 

Current & Previous NODA Volunteer Roles: Educational Initiatives Committee Member, SLI Faculty Member, Large Institution Network Co-Chair, 2017 Annual Conference Committee Member 


Tara McWhorter, Director of New Student & Family Programs, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

"Through volunteering, my 'bigger picture' has grown...we sometimes think of what we do on our campuses and that bigger picture, but I am able to connect what I do to the Association and our world of OTR. Leadership development, program development, and critical thinking are a few key skills that have been enhanced from volunteering with NODA." 

Current & Previous NODA Volunteer Roles: Nominations Committee Member, Annual Conference Advisory Committee Member, Annual Conference volunteer, 2018 Region VI Song, Skit, Dance Co-Chair, 2016 Educational Initiatives Committee Member, 2016 Annual Conference Program Chair, 2015 Region VI Song, Skit, Dance Co-Chair, 2014 Annual Conference Registration & Volunteers Chair 


Emily Wheeler, Director of New Student & Family Services, University of North Carolina Charlotte

"While serving on the 2017 Annual Conference Committee it was amazing to see how our group transitioned from a group that didn't know each other to one that developed meaningful connections and trust with each other. While serving on the committee was a lot of work, it was also one of the most rewarding professional opportunities I have had with NODA so far, and it motivated me to continue my involvement." 

Current & Previous NODA Volunteer Roles: Region VI Coordinator, 2017 Annual Conference Educational Sessions and Evaluations Co-Chair, Region VI Leadership Team, Region VI 2015-2016 Planning Committees, 2014-2015Graduate Symposium Co-Chair 











Dr. Brett Bruner, Director of Transition & Student Conduct, Fort Hays
State University

"When I was a graduate intern on the 2007 Annual Conference Committee, I set a goal for myself that one day my NODA volunteer leader path would take me to serving as an Annual Conference Chair. Being able to see our vision of the 2015 Annual Conference as the premiere educational and learning experience for NODA members with regards to OTR was so fulfilling from pre-arrival to the closing brunch."

Current & Previous NODA Volunteer Roles: Region IV Educational Initiatives & Events Chair; Leadership Development Committee Member; Global Initiatives Committee Member; Chair - 2018 Retention Symposium; Leadership Development Mentoring Program Mentor. Previous Roles: Board of Directors Member; 2015 Annual Conference Committee Chair; 2010 Region IV & V Conference Committee Chair; Small College Network Chair; Ad Hoc Committee on Educational & Strategic Partnerships Chair; Ad Hoc Committee on Globalization of the Association Member; Educational Initiatives Committee Member; Annual Conference Advisory Committee Member; Nominations Committee Member; Kansas State Coordinator; 2017 Retention Symposium Facilitator & Committee Member; 2017 Region IV Returning Orientation Leader Institute Faculty Member; 2014 Annual Conference Graduate Student Symposium Faculty Member; 2011 Annual Conference Pre-Conferences, Extended Sessions, & Plenary Session Speaker Co-Chair; 2010 Annual Conference Graduate Staff Chair; 2007 Annual Conference Graduate Intern; 2018 Region IV & V Conference Awards & Volunteers Chair; 2012 Region IV Conference Battle of NODA Chair; 2011 Region IV Conference Two-Year College Liaison; 2009 Region IV Conference Planning Chair; 2008 Region IV Conference Associate Member Liaison & Sponsorships Co-Chair  

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