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Upcoming Webinar Series
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Below is NODA's Fall 2018 Webinar Lineup. We are in the process of building the Spring 2019 Lineup. If you are interested in presenting a webinar for NODA, please complete the Webinar Proposal Form. We are always looking for new voices and exciting ideas to present to community.

To attend one of the following webinars, you must register and pay (if applicable) for the webinar in advance. After clicking the register button, you will be asked to fill out general attendee information and select the webinar(s) you would like to attend. Please contact the NODA Association Office if you have any questions.







NODA's Core Competencies: Introducing Tools & Methods on How to Use Them
Member Price: Free

Presenters: Nate Alcorn, Lisa Hamilton, and Joe Thomas (Read Bios)

It's all about the core! Participants in this webinar will learn several approaches in utilizing the Core Competencies developed for professionals in the field of OTR within their everyday work. Learn and discover how the competencies are to be used, invigorate professional development discussions among your team, improve the search process for future employees, and incorporate them into your department reports and updates with supervisors. Starting with a broad overview of the NODA Core Competencies, this webinar will walk participants through some "How to-s", while also demonstrating a few tools that can be used right away in improving your resume, strategically developing your professional development plan, as well as updating job descriptions for positions and even the interview process in your department.


Publishers Present: Recommended Reading for First-Year Programs
Member Price: Free

Authors: Rachel Pearson, Kristen Green, Manoush Zomorodi,
Sharlee Jeter and Sampson Davis (Read Bios)

Each year, one of the NODA Annual Conference's most popular events is the Authors Luncheon. At this event, NODA welcomes authors from our sponsoring publishers to discuss their work and how it can foster dialogue on your campuses. This year, in addition to the event at NODAC 2018, Harper Collins, Macmillan, Simon & Schuster, and W.W. Norton are bringing the Authors Luncheon experience online with four additional books that will connect with your students. We invite all NODA members to join us for a FREE presentation followed by five-minute Q&As with each author. 










Inclusive Supervision Strategies: Utilizing Effective Assessment Tools in the Supervisory Dyad
Member Price: $49
Non-member Price: $199 

Presenters: Matthew R. Shupp and Amy Wilson (Read Bios)

Staff retention is increasingly important in a field where responsibilities are progressively more demanding. This webinar will examine how assessment of supervisory practice informed the creation of an innovative approach to supervision that seeks to align our professional values with our professional practice. The Inclusive Supervision Model for Student Affairs reflects the important values of our profession and provides a framework through which professionals can evaluate supervision practice and consider specific actions to enhance one's own capacity for inclusive supervision. Inclusive Supervision is an intentional approach to supervision that is informed through a lens of multicultural competence. Inclusive supervisors embody the values and principles of the profession, demonstrating a commitment to the creation of safe spaces, the cultivation of individual's identities in the workplace, a genuine sense of openness and willingness to learn, and the ability to build staff's competency in the area of social justice and inclusion. 

Related Core Competency: Organization and Leadership; Diversity, Inclusion, and Access









Sleep Deprivation Epidemic: Implications for Retention, Mental Health, and Academic Success
Member Price: $49
Non-member Price: $199

Presenters: J. Roxanne Prichard, PhD and Birdie Cunningham, MA (Read Bios)

More than two-thirds of students experience significant problems with excessive drowsiness, one third fall asleep in class at least once a week, and a quarter describe their sleep problems as traumatic or difficult to handle. The obstacles to obtaining restorative, sufficient sleep in the college student population include a confluence of environmental, physiological, pharmacological, psychological, and sociological factors. Students with untreated or undetected sleep problems are more at risk for multiple negative psychological, physical, and academic outcomes. In college students, inadequate sleep has a negative impact on GPA and course withdrawals on par with marijuana use and high risk drinking. Through this webinar, participants will: identify demographic and behavioral risk factors for disturbed sleep in the college population; recognize the academic, social, and health consequences of disturbed sleep; and describe effective strategies for assessing and improving sleep. 

Classification: Retention




From Session to Application: Translating the Annual Conference to Fit Your Needs
Member Price: $49
Non-member Price: $199

Presenters: Phillip Campbell and Alex Barkley (Read Bios)

The NODA Annual Conference is filled with sessions from varying institutions of higher education - some that may be just like your institution and others that may seem very different. Each educational session has value to add to our roles in orientation, transition, and retention. This interactive webinar is designed to help you decipher session descriptions and content to make it applicable to your institutional needs. 




University Spirit: Building Affinity
Member Price: $49
Non-member Price: $199

Presenter: Karen Smith (Read Bio)

Developing institutional affinity is extremely important in student satisfaction, engagement, and retention. Research and theory supports the importance of spirit and tradition during the first year. Whether your institution has spirit or tradition, or if you're looking to grow this on your campus, this session will give you great ideas.

Classification: Orientation, Retention
Related Core Competency: Curriculum and Content Development




Managing up from the Middle
Member Price: $49
Non-member Price: $199

Presenters: Dr. Brett Bruner and Dr. Keegan Nichols

Many orientation, transition, and retention professionals will spend part of their career in the "middle" managing both direct reports and their supervisor. This session will provide strategies for effectively "managing up" to a dean, assistant/associate vice president, or vice president. Presenters will discuss how to develop the skills and competencies needed to successfully manage an AVP/VP supervisor.

Related Core Competency: Organization and Leadership












Leveraging Employee Engagement to Bolster Student Success
Member Price: $49
Non-member Price: $199

Presenter: Jon Sexton, PhD (Read Bio)

Throughout the higher education landscape, there is a significant focus on achieving strong recruitment numbers, achieving high levels of student success, and ultimately maximizing retention. Challenges associated with these goals are amplified based on ongoing challenges for many institutions in regards to dwindling state and federal financial support, increased emphasis on identifying department efficiencies (frequently manifesting as a need to do more with less), and overall budget constraints which can hinder annual increases and professional development opportunities. These challenges pose significant risks to employee engagement, which plays a pivotal role in helping your department achieve goals associated with student success. 

Regardless of institution type (public or private, 2-year or 4-year) higher education professionals need to understand the importance of employee engagement and leverage strategies to maximize it within every team they work with or oversee. Placing an emphasis on employee engagement can significantly buffer the aforementioned challenges many professionals in higher education face today. This webinar will provide an overview of the importance of employee engagement, explore strategies for measurement, and provide tangible initiatives you can implement to help your professional and student teams thrive. 

Related Core Competency: Organization and Leadership



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