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what Members are Saying

NODA has provided me a place to learn and develop in areas I did not even know I was interested in. No matter where you are professionally, NODA has something for you to find community and growth.
NODA Member Since 2016
Southern Methodist University
Being involved with NODA has given me a professional home and a network of colleagues-turned-friends. My involvement with the Association is very complimentary to my professional responsibilities and directly supports my development. Through these opportunities, I am challenged to think outside the box by peers who understand the realities of our profession, encouraged to grow and learn, and feel uplifted as I make meaning and add value to my work.

NODA Member Since 2018
Northeastern University
NODA has been a way for me to develop a greater sense of purpose in my everyday work. The community and support system I have developed within the association has been the driving factor behind my involvement. I have been able to combine my passions, strengths, and interests to give back to an association who has helped define me as the professional I am today. 

NODA Member Since 2019
The University of Georgia