NODA invites you to become an active participant in our future by getting involved in one of our many leadership roles.
As a leader in NODA, we collectively challenge our thinking and approach to the complex issues facing higher education
in the field orientation, transition, and retention.

Leadership in our organization provides many benefits including the opportunity to enhance your professional development, network with fellow leaders in the OTR field, form life-long friendships, and make a difference.

While each NODA leadership position requires different time and energy commitments, each is vital for NODA to operate and fulfill our mission. Regardless of your chosen role, NODA Leaders are held to the highest standard and can often represent the Association in the OTR field in many different ways. NODA is committed to equity, inclusion, and social justice. Members of all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives are encouraged to seek out volunteer opportunities with NODA; most leadership roles are reserved for members of the Association.


If you are not sure where to start or if you have questions about NODA leadership positions, contact the Leadership Development Committee at LeadNODA@umn.edu.

Elected Roles

These roles are part of the formal governance structure of the Association and are selected through a vote of the membership. Recruitment for these positions starts in July with elections happening in late fall / early winter. Appearance on the ballot is done through a nomination, including self-nominations, and a slating process coordinated by the Candidate Review and Elections Subcommittee. Most elected positions take office on January 1st following the election.

Appointed Roles

These roles support the governance and operation of the Association. These roles are often appointed by the NODA president. Recruitment for these positions typically happens in the fall but can occur year-round.  Leaders are selected through an application and interview process.

Open Volunteer Roles

These roles support the operation of the Association and are often tied to a specific NODA event. These roles are typically selected/approved by the NODA leader responsible for the  program’s implementation. Recruitment for these positions typically happens leading up to the NODA event/program. Volunteers are selected through a simplified application process.