The NODA Excellence Fund (NEF) is dedicated to supporting NODA members, just as our members are dedicated to the orientation, transition, and retention profession. Investing in the NEF is one more way you can make a difference as an orientation, transition, and retention student affairs professional.

The purpose of NEF is exclusively charitable. Donations to the fund help provide scholarships and opportunities for professionals and graduate students to receive high-quality training and experiences through NODA. This can range from expanding award and scholarship opportunities, to assisting with program travel, leadership development, and outreach activities.

Make a Gift to the Fund

Supporting NEF is an opportunity to be a part of a community dedicated to developing knowledgeable and innovative leaders through research and scholarships in the orientation, transition, and retention field. Your NEF contribution will:

  • Support the mission and vision of NODA
  • Provide leadership opportunities for underrepresented populations
  • Fund innovative and inclusive programs and initiatives
  • Provide resources to develop the next generation of orientation, transition, and retention leaders

Whether you are passionate about supporting future orientation, transition, and retention leaders or building our knowledge through research, your gift – no matter what size – makes it happen!