Two factors were considered when determining the feasibility for NODA institutional memberships:

  1. We consistently heard from members that professional development funding is being reduced across institutional budgets. Many former members have indicated institutional memberships are often more supported over individual memberships.
  2.  Our Association strategic plan targets an expansion for our membership in the areas of transition and retention domains, through feedback from the membership the Board felt this approach would align best in accomplishing this goal.

The Association staff recognizes the challenges in signing up for institutional memberships. Our current member management system does not operationally support institutional membership to the level we would like. The Association staff are exploring new member management systems with the goal of rolling out a new system and website in 2023. Thank you for your patience as we transition to a new platform.

Nothing! All current members will continue to receive member benefits as outlined when the membership was purchased. If your institution purchases an institutional membership prior to your individual membership expiration date, your individual membership will automatically be extended to match your new institutional membership expiration date. You will NOT be prorated for any overlapping memberships.

No, we are unable to offer refunds for members who joined prior to the institutional membership roll out. We understand this may cause financial hardship for some departments/institutions but it is unavoidable in this transition. We recommend transitioning to the institutional membership when a member’s individual membership expires.

Unlimited! One of the great benefits about moving to institutional membership is anyone employed or studying at the institution will have access to NODA benefits. Adding members to an institutional membership is easy and can be done through the primary member’s NODA Profile.

Membership will be tiered based on the size, location, and type of institution. NODA has decided to use the information reported to Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) as the official data source for determining institution classification. If an institution does not appear in IPEDS or have a Carnegie classification listed the small four-year institution rate will apply. A full breakdown of institutional members fees is available on the membership page.

FTE is defined as as full-time plus one-third part-time for all degree-seeking students. 

Voting will remain unchanged in this new institutional membership structure. All individuals registered with NODA prior to an election will be able to vote.

Nothing is changing at this time related to Regional Conferences, ROLI, and/or the Student Leadership Institute (SLI). NODA will continue to serve undergraduate students as we have done in the past but will no longer offer membership for undergraduate students. As part of our newly revised strategic plan NODA will focus membership opportunities on professionals and graduate students.

Graduate student membership can now be offered to all graduate students when purchased institutionally. We strongly encourage higher ed graduate programs to consider purchasing membership for their students. The member benefits for graduate students will continue and are outlined here. In addition, NODA recognizes the financial impact of attending graduate school and has reduced our membership rate for graduate students when purchased individually.

Yes, while your membership would end after you are no longer employed by a member institution, a low cost transitional membership is available while you are between positions. Contact the NODA office ( for more details if this situation applies to you.

NODA strives to keep the costs as low as possible for our members while providing the greatest value. The cost of individual memberships have not been raised in 5 years while the cost of goods and services have continued to go up. In determining the pricing of our memberships starting in this next fiscal year the finance committee benchmarked against our peer association, evaluated our future budgetary needs, and the reviewed the trends of requests for resources and benefits from the membership. In addition, as part of the strategic plan the NODA Board has chosen to incentivize the purchasing of institutional memberships over individual memberships to expand the reach of NODA to orientation, transition, and retention professionals.

Institutions do not have to join NODA. However, it is strongly encouraged and often the cheaper option. Individuals can continue to purchase individual memberships as needed.