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NODA Webinars

Open Forum Conversations

For any person who would like to come together to talk about the way the global pandemic is affecting their campus, we are hosting a daily series of open forum conversations with each day focusing on a different topic. These topics were compiled based on frequent questions and conversations happening across multiple NODA Community discussion threads. These sessions will be lightly facilitated with the intention that we can create a space for our members to come together to share ideas, resources, and guidance with each other on particular topics.

Open Forum Topic: Financial Implications of COVID-19 & the Impact on Retention

Date: Thursday, July 9
Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm CST
Hosts: NODA Staff Members & NODA Graduate Intern

Two-Year College Open Forum

Dates: Friday, July 10, August 21, September 11, September 25
Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm CST
Host: NODA Staff Members

We will be hosting open forums for any person who would like to come together and talk about the way the global pandemic is affecting their Two-Year College. Topics could include any conversation you would like to have regarding moving your orientation online, how your campus is being impacted, supervision of student staff, training your students online, graduate student intern planning, etc...

Open Forum Topic: Alternative Program Planning & the Impacts of COVID-19

Date: Thursday, July 16
Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm CST
Hosts: NODA Staff Members & NODA Graduate Intern

Upcoming Webinars

Register to attend upcoming webinars hosted by NODA.

Capitalizing on Rural Strengths to Foster Rural Student Orientation, Transition, and Retention in Higher Education

Date: Wednesday, July 29 or Wednesday, August 5
Time: 3:00pm – 4:30pm CST
Presenters: Ty McNamee, Sonja Ardoin, Vanessa Sansone, and Nicole Cooper
Host: NODA Staff

Since the 2016 U.S. Presidential election and ensuing news coverage about rural populations, higher education institutions hold a newfound vigor for recruiting and retaining rural students. However, limited research on rural students and their orientation, transition, and retention in postsecondary education exists, and the literature that does often utilizes deficit-based thinking about this population. Join rural higher education scholars, who will discuss research conducted over the past year that illuminates traits, characteristics, knowledge, and cultural backgrounds rural students possess that can inform college and university orientation, transition, and retention practices and policies for rural populations.

Region IV Article Chat: Whiteness in Higher Education

Date: Thursday, September 10
Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm CST
Presenter: Dr. Joey Ratcliff, Director of Prospective & New Student Programs
Host: Region IV - Get Connected Session

September 2020

Host for Chat: Palvih Bhana, Assistant Director of Orientation & Transition Programs at Oklahoma State University
Article: Coming Soon

October 2020

Host for Chat: Emily C. Ivey, Director for New Student & Family Programs at Texas A&M University
Article: Coming Soon

Interested in hosting a discussion about a book or article to our NODA members?

Please email Erin Sullivan, Region IV membership leadership team, at with a few dates, times, and topics you would like to discussion.

Talk It Out Tuesdays

Talk It Out Tuesdays will be a time for reflection and collaboration. This will be time dedicated to talking out what is working and not working in different aspects of NODA OTR programs during the transitions that have taken place since COVID-19, as well as an overall check in on how our members are handling the transitions.

Talk It Out Tuesday: Updated Fall 2020 Plans? Now What?

Date: Tuesday, July 14
Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm CST
Host: NODA Staff Members & NODA Graduate Intern

On Demand Webinars

You will receive a link to the purchased on-demand webinar(s) 3-5 business days after payment is received. We ask that you do not forward purchased webinars to individuals outside of your department.

Covid-19 Member Forum: What is the Truth and What Can You Be Doing on Your Campus
Presenters: Conversation will be moderated by NODA President, Heather Kovanic. NODA will be joined by Marc-Oliver Wright, MT (ASCP), MS, CIC, FAPIC
Date: March 13, 2020

Marc-Oliver Wright, MT (ASCP), MS, CIC, FAPIC is the clinical science liaison for the central region at PDI, Inc. He has an extensive work history in infection prevention including as an infection preventionist at the University of Wisconsin University Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin. He formerly served as the corporate director of infection control and quality improvement for NorthShore University HealthSystem in Evanston, Illinois. His educational background includes a Bachelors of Sciences in clinical laboratory sciences, a master’s of science in epidemiology and advanced training in public health informatics-all from the University of Illinois – Chicago. Marc is a board certified in infection prevention and control as well as certified as a medical technologist. He is a Fellow of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) and member of the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA). 

Marc has worked as an infection preventionist for two decades and has served as an officer and member of the board of directors for APIC. He has authored several book chapters, found in APIC’s “Surveillance Programs for Healthcare Settings” and SHEA’s “Practical Healthcare Epidemiology”. He has over 50 publications in the American Journal of Infection Control, Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, Emerging Infectious Diseases, among others and currently served as an editorial board member and section editor for the American Journal of Infection Control from 2009-2019. 

Join NODA for a conversation with introductory information shared about what we currently know about COVID-19, where you should be looking for the most up-to-date information about the situation, and information about what is happening on your campuses to prepare, as well as discussing some tangible steps you can be taking on your campus. 

Managing up from the Middle

Presenters: Dr. Brett Bruner and Dr. Keegan Nichols (Read Bio)
Date: November 2018
Related Core Competency: Organization and Leadership
Many orientation, transition, and retention professionals will spend part of their career in the "middle" managing both direct reports and their supervisors. This session provides strategies, and discusses how to develop the skills and competencies needed for these strategies, for effectively "managing up."

University Spirit: Building Affinity

Presenters: Karen Smith (Read Bio)
Date: October 2018
Developing Institutional affinity is extremely important in student satisfaction, engagement, and retention. Whether your institution has spirit or tradition, or if you're looking to grow this on your campus, this session gives you great ideas.

From Session to Application: Translating the Annual Conference to Fit Your Needs

Presenters: Phillip Campbell and Alex Barkley (Read Bios)
Date: October 2018
The NODA Annual Conference is filled with sessions from varying institutions of higher education, both like and different than your own institution. This webinar is designed to help you decipher session descriptions and content to make it applicable to your institutional needs.

Publishers Present: Recommended Reading for First-Year Programs

Presenters: Rachel Pearson, Kristen Green, Manoush Zomorodi, Sharlee Jeter, and Sampson Davis (Read Bios)
Date: September 2018
Free for NODA Members
Harper Collins, Macmillan, Simon & Schuster, and W.W. Norton present authors to discuss their work and how it can foster dialogue on your campuses.

NODA's Core Competencies: Introducing Tools & Methods on How to Use Them

Presenters: Nate Alcorn, Lisa Hamilton, and Joe Thomas (Read Bios)
Date: September 2018
Free for NODA Members
It's all about the core! Participants in this webinar will learn several approaches in utilizing the Core Competencies developed for professionals in the field of OTR within their everyday work.

Culturally Bound: Developing Interculturally Competent Leaders

Presenters: Virginia Cabrera
Date: May 2018
Related Core Competency: Diversity, Inclusion, and Access
Developing interculturally competent leaders can be a challenge. This presentation describes a new professional's journey in utilizing an intercultural competency assessment tool with over 100 student leaders.

Planning for the What If: Emergency Preparedness in Orientation Training and Programs

Presenters: David Duvall and Meighan Burke
Date: May 2018
Related Core Competency: Crisis Management; Communication
An emergency can happen at any moment during an orientation session. This webinar reviews the various types of emergencies that can preempt or cancel an orientation.

Engaging Parents for First-Year Success: Inform, Involve, Empower

Presenters: Stephanie Carter and Laurie Hazard
Date: March 2018
Parents receive mixed messages about the role they should play in their students' college experience.

Keep Your Friends Close: Strategies for Effective Campus Partnerships

Presenters: Heather Ferguson and Carren Martin
Date: February 2018
Related Core Competency: Campus Collaboration
Regardless of institutional size and type, campus partnerships are essential to the work we do as orientation, transition, and retention professionals.

Taking the Experience Online: Supporting Student Transition in the Digital Age

Presenters: Robert Carroll, James Kelly, and Shannon Duffy
Date: January 2018
Related Core Competency: Program Delivery and Management
Have you ever wondered what it would look like to completely change the new student experience on your campus? Presenters discuss how they led their campus to centralized communication for..

Writing for a Publication as a Practitioner

Presenters: Dr. Brian Bourke and Dr. Duane Bruce
Date: December 2017
Related Core Competency: Research, Assessment, and Evaluation
This session focuses on helping aspiring authors take their ideas and transforms them into a publishable manuscript. Dr. Bourke highlights challenges commonly faced, strategies for...

Envisioning Transformational Leaders in Orientation

Presenters: Emily Krechel and Chrissy Roth-Francis
Date: October 2017
Orientation leaders are the most critical component of any successful orientation program. Imagine what can happen when orientation leaders move beyond serving as information givers and tour guides to...

Running the 4-Leg Relay: Effective Group Development in Student Staff Training

Presenters: Elizabeth Burns
Date: September 2017
Related Core Competency: Organization and Leadership
This webinar will cover how the University of Alabama at Birmingham applies Tuckman's stages of group development to its Spring semester Orientation Leader class...

Best Practices in Retention at Open-Admission Institutions

Presenters: Michelle Nightingale and Phillip Campbell
Date: May 2017
Related Core Competency: Campus Collaboration
Open-admission institutions present unique challenges in student retention. Many initiatives and programs at these institutions target first-generation students or academically underprepared students, and aim...

The Digitally Connected Student Affairs Educator

Presenters: Dr. Josie Ahlquist
Date: April 2017
Related Core Competency: All Competencies
In August 2015, NASPA and ACPA approved the revised version of the Student Affairs Professional Competencies. One of the most significant changes was the addition of Technology, which...

Navigating Different Parenting Styles to Work with All Families

Presenters: Marjorie Savage
Date: March 2017
Related Core Competency: Program Delivery and Management
Differences in parenting styles can influence family approaches to "appropriate involvement" and affect how parents interpret information provided by professionals. This webinar reports findings of a study that...

Using the CAS Standards to Conduct a Program Review on Your Campus

Presenters: Ann Hower and Gwen Fears
Date: March 2017
Related Core Competency: Research, Assessment and Evaluation; Program Delivery and Management
The CAS Standards are an excellent resource for assessing your programs and conducting a program review. Learning how to understand and apply the standards...

Using Leadership to Integrate International and Domestic Students

Presenters: Teresa Lostroh
Date: February 2017
Related Core Competency: Diversity, Inclusion, and Access
Successful integration initiatives go beyond simple interactions and provide meaningful opportunities for collaboration. This webinar highlights the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's two-day Global Leadership...

After Orientation: The Role of Transition Programming to Promote First-to-Second Semester Persistence

Presenters: Brett Bruner
Date: February 2017
Summer orientation programs and fall extended orientation / welcome weeks are what? This webinar highlights the role of new student programming to...

Getting Strategic on Retention

Presenters: Kimberlie Moock and Jeremy McQuigge
Date: September 2016
Related Core Competency: Theoretical and Institutional Knowledge
Building and aligning to the strategic priorities of our learning communities around persistence and retention has become a necessity for many OTR professionals. Being a voice...

Transforming Your First-Year Transition Program to Support Student Success

Presenters: Beth Lingren-Clark and Andrew Cinoman
Date: June 2016
Related Core Competency: Curriculum and Content Development
Have you been assigned the task of "fixing" or modifying the first-year transition program on your campus? Are you not sure how to get started?...

Retention 101: From the Why to the How

Presenters: Kimberlie Moock and Jeremy McQuigge
Date: May 2016
Related Core Competency: Organization and Leadership
As the paradigm of higher education continues to shift and refocus the strategic work of our communities of learning, retention, and persistence become an ever-greater are of importance. This webinar...

Risk Management and Mitigation for Extended Orientation and Orientation Programs

Presenters: Donna Lee Sullins
Date: April 2016
Related Core Competency: Crisis Management
After over 60 years of existence and with over 6,000 annual attendees, Fish Camp has had many opportunities to prepare for and respond to crisis, including...

Strategically Serving International Students in Transition

Presenters: Amber Hoefer
Date: April 2016
Related Core Competency: Diversity, Inclusion and Access; Campus Collaboration
Serving an extremely diverse group of international students during their transition to the U.S. can present a variety of challenges for higher education professionals...

Online Orientation (Part 1): Define Online Orientation Models and Trends

Presenters: Megan Green
Date: March 2016
Related Core Competency: Program Delivery and Management
One of the fastest growing national trends in higher education includes online learning. With this trend, orientation, transition, and retention professionals...

Online Orientation (Part 2): Digital Culture 101 - Developing Online Orientation, Outlining Digital Communities and Experiences

Presenters: Megan Green
Date: April 2016
Related Core Competency: Program Delivery and Management
The digital culture is quickly evolving our sense of programming and term of connection with students in the fields of orientation, transition, and retention...

Online Orientation (Part 3): Using Data to Drive Digital Decision Making

Presenters: Megan Green
Date: April 2016
Related Core Competency: Research, Assessments and Evaluations; Curriculum and Content Development
This webinar offers data viewpoints as they relate to virtual environments and introduces new perspectives to transition programs..

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