The charge of the Core Competency Integration and Oversight Committee is to ensure the core competencies serve as a foundation in NODA’s programs and offerings.

To meet this charge, the Committee will:

  • Collaborate with Educational Initiatives, institute faculty, conference chairs, to ensure the competencies are used as drivers and outcomes in appropriate NODA offerings;
  • Create and maintain curriculum related to each of the foundational areas of the competencies;
  • Recruit and assist Subject Matter Experts to facilitate eModules;
  • Remain aware of current trends and best practices to review the competencies and competency language every 10 years to determine if they are still relevant to the field and recommend revisions to the Board of Directors.
Committee Chair

Devin Carpenter, University of Montana

Committee Membership
  • At least six general Association members (including the chair)
  • One general Board of Directors member (appointed by the Association President)
  • One Association Staff member
Committee Member Term
  • Committee members serve two-year terms.
  • Committee members can serve up to two consecutive terms.
  • Currently this committee meets on the first and third Mondays of the month at 1-2 PM CST.
  • Visit the Community Calendar for committee meeting dates