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Intellectual Property Policy

The Association is the owner of all intellectual property created for the purposes of educational curriculums initiated for its benefit and/or at its request. The intellectual property rights associated with and developed for the institutes, symposia, the conferences, publications, and any other program curriculum will be owned and maintained by the Association.

All volunteers, contracted individuals, and/or organizations will enter into a signed intellectual property contractual agreement with the Association, prior to starting development of a curriculum or program covered under this policy. The stated agreement will outline the individual terms of the scholarly instruction and/or other material ownership. The stated agreement will also outline NODA’s obligation to credit original authorship of said program or curriculum. Following the signed contract, the Association may retain the rights to edit and reproduce the work at any time, including after the termination of an individual’s paid or volunteer role.

This policy does not apply to contracted keynote speakers, individual educational sessions, or other programs where a general call for programs is used.

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