Volunteer Accountability

NODA was founded as an Association of professional educators volunteering to support the mission of the Association. From membership services and finance, to conference planning and educational workshops, volunteers have a strong history and foundation leading and cultivating the Association we know today. With the establishment and growth of the association office and staff alongside the recent leadership restructuring, formal leadership and volunteer positions have been established to give greater opportunity and access to members wishing to enhance their professional development through association volunteerism.

The Nominations and Elections and Leadership Development committees have created holistic policies and practice that promote, encourage and educate future NODA leaders and volunteers. Position descriptions and expectations, with established term lengths, meeting requirements and staff partners are linked to all positions. In the event a volunteer or leader cannot fulfill their duties as noted in the position description, it is expected they reach out in an appropriate manner of time to discuss their role and responsibilities with their executive board or association staff partner.

In the event a volunteer or leader has not fulfilled their stated expectations, it is expected that the executive board/staff partner or appropriate designee will discuss role expectations and create a plan of remedy with the volunteer. If that plan does not address the failure to meet role responsibilities, the volunteer may be asked to resign their position or if unresponsive, may be terminated. NODA believes strongly in volunteer and leader cultivation, and role removal will be deemed the last possible resolution as determined by the executive board or association staff partners.


Submitted to Executive Board July 2017 from Leadership Development Committee

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