Campus Collaboration

The success of OTR professionals and programs relies on strong external and internal partnerships and collaborations. These competency areas outline knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for the OTR practitioner to possess in order to shape and maintain strong collegial relationships.


  • Outline the structure, function, and purpose of campus partnerships
  • Identify and sustain working relationships with a variety of campus partners
  • Recognize strengths of existing partnerships
  • Establish relationships with faculty members and administrators
  • Develop a working knowledge of campus practices and policies for various functional areas
  • Articulate the structure and placement of OTR programs and/or office as they relate to the larger university structure
  • Effectively communicate with a wide variety of campus constituents from support staff to upper-level administration
  • Identify and articulate the importance of all roles within a campus structure
  • Seek out and defer appropriately to campus experts in other functional areas
  • Solicit new partnerships that strengthen program offerings
  • Identify and navigate challenges with campus partners
  • Utilize assessment data to inform campus partners on the effectiveness of initiatives
  • Negotiate goals, procedures, and planning details with stakeholders
  • Pursue opportunities to participate in/serve the greater campus community and engage with practices/policies/procedures of other functional areas
  • Employ opportunities to incorporate faculty members in OTR programs
  • Ensure that key collaborators feel informed of, included in and engaged in OTR programs, policy, decisions, and change
  • Engage in partnerships that foster student-centered institutional change
  • Advocate for the needs of the OTR programs and office with respect to budget, staffing, or other support
  • Engage faculty members’ input on OTR program planning and vision
  • Model a vision for campus-wide participation in OTR initiatives
  • Create opportunities for a variety of campus stakeholders to contribute to the campus OTR vision
  • Create sustaining collaborative relationships with campus colleagues also concerned with the development, retention, and education of students
  • Apply assessment data to create and modify OTR strategies and partnerships


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