Effective communication is critical to the success of OTR practitioners and programs. Competency in this area refers to the skills and understanding necessary to interact with others in an educational setting using a variety of methods and strategies.


  • Demonstrate appropriate and professional interpersonal writing skills
  • Demonstrate effective public speaking skills to groups of varying size and
  • Identify one’s own presenting style and instruction techniques and skills
  • Demonstrate active listening and effective speaking skills
  • Identify and articulate program expectations, purpose, and learning outcomes
  • Identify verbal and nonverbal cues in a variety of settings and guide
    communication appropriately
  • Ensure the provision of professional, helpful, and high quality services to meet the
    needs of constituents
  • Exercise social media strategies to engage with new students, market programs
    and build institutional affinity
  • Identify the components needed for an effective social media, communications and
    marketing strategies or plans
  • Produce print-media in communicating OTR messages
  • Develop and disseminate program related communications to campus partners
  • Identify communication strategies to disseminate program expectations
  • Write effectively for appropriate audiences using a variety of publication styles and
  • Exhibit high-level writing and editing skills through reports, publications,
    presentations and other written modes of communication
  • Establish comprehensive social media, communications, and marketing plans and
  • Utilize thoughtful written and verbal communication skills for a variety of audience
    sizes and types, including in-person, electronic, and social media avenues
  • Understand and promote the use of technology for OTR programs
  • Assess social media impact on orientation, transition, and retention
  • Manage and assess outreach efforts, including communications and marketing
  • Create and deliver information and feedback to varied audiences using a variety of
  • Manage internal and external communication efforts


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