Position Description

This is an Association-leading volunteer position, ideal for those interested in determining and advancing strategic directions, governing over long-term goals, representing the Association to other members, and setting the tone for member experiences.

Treasurer Responsibilities

  • Serve on the Executive Committee and attend all meetings (monthly virtual meetings and one transition meeting in January)
  • Prepare for, attend, and participate in all Board of Directors meetings (1 in-person Fall (annual conference); 1 in-person Spring and 1 virtual meeting in July), including monthly virtual Board update meetings
  • Chair the Finance Committee
  • Provide financial oversight for the Association
  • Review and provide feedback on operating budgets prepared by Association staff for the Association and for the Association Office
  • Present a quarterly financial report on all financial transactions at each meeting of the Board
  • Present an annual financial report in collaboration with the Association’s Accountant that is distributed to all Association members as part of the Annual Report
  • In consultation with the Executive Director, finance committee and appropriate external financial experts, present regular updates on long-term financial strategy
  • In conjunction with the Executive Director, ensure that an audit is conducted of NODA financial records as required
  • Complete other duties as delegated by the President


At the time of application, individuals must have:

  • Full-time employment at a higher-education institution
  • Active NODA membership
  • 4 years of professional, full-time employment in higher education/higher education adjacent work
  • Successfully completed a full-term in a previous NODA or Higher Ed Association leadership role
  • A letter of Institutional support



Treasurer position is required to maintain an active Association membership for the duration of their term.


Treasurer position is required to maintain employment at a higher education institution or a non-profit interest in the field of OTR for the duration of their term.


Financial support (institutional or personal) is required to cover travel costs to attend conferences and Board of Director meetings. If institutional support is unavailable, email the chair of the Leadership Development subcommittee for Candidate Review & Elections committee to discuss options.


Treasurer position is a commitment of three years. During the course of the term, a Treasurer should anticipate an average of 10 hours of Association-related calls and project work per month, in addition to attending in-person and virtual NODA Board of Director meetings.


Treasurer responsibilities require members to be in active communication with other members, executive committee members, Association staff, and external constituents. Treasurer position is expected to engage in discussion and actively participate in Board of Directors’ work. Treasurer position is also expected to represent the Board of Directors to the membership with clarity, professionalism, and integrity.


  • Master’s degree in Education, or related field.
  • Diverse professional experience with a variety of institution types, OTR roles, supervision lines, etc.
  • Leadership and management experience that reflect the skills needed to fulfill the Treasurer’s responsibilities outlined above.
  • Current knowledge and understanding of the field of orientation, transition, and retention.
  • No less than 4 years of departmental budget oversight Experience in budgeting, accounting, and reporting.
  • Knowledge and/or Experience managing budgets.
  • Contributions to the scholarship of the Association including, but not limited to: conference presentations or publication submission.
  • Applicants must also demonstrate an understanding of NODA’s core purpose, beliefs, values, and core competencies, as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the position as stated above.

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