At times, the NODA Board of Directors may find it beneficial to the Association to enter into discrete partnerships with corporations, vendors, or other organizations.

These strategic/educational partnerships are only entered into if they advance the goals of the Association, provided a financial benefit to the Association, or further position the Association as a professional organization.

The decisions to enter into each partnership are fully grounded in the mission of NODA, the Statement of Professional Ethics, and the core values of the Association with the best interests of the Membership kept foremost in the decision-making process. These strategic/educational partnership agreements facilitate NODA’s efforts to support the role of orientation, transition and retention in the lives of new students and/or their families.

The Association of Higher Education Parent/Family Program Professionals (AHEPPP)  was established in 2008 as the national association for higher education professionals who work with the parents and family members of college students. AHEPPP is dedicated to facilitating meaningful and lasting support of campus-based personnel who interact with the families of college students in any capacity.

AHEPPP’s mission is supported by the convening of national and regional conferences, the publication of parent/family program resources, an active online community, and offering a variety of virtual educational and engagement opportunities (webinars, institutes, summits, discussion zones). AHEPPP members are located across the United States and internationally and are housed in student affairs, orientation, development, alumni relations, admissions, student success, and more.

The National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition serves as the trusted expert, internationally recognized leader, and clearinghouse for scholarship, policy, and best practice for all postsecondary student transitions.

The National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students (NISTS) is a research, education, and service entity that strives to improve the lives of transfer students by supporting those who directly serve these students, as well as those who create transfer policy and conduct transfer-related research.