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Upcoming Webinar Series
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Below is NODA's Fall 2018 Webinar Lineup. We are in the process of building the Spring 2019 Lineup. If you are interested in presenting a webinar for NODA, please complete the Webinar Proposal Form. We are always looking for new voices and exciting ideas to present to community.

To attend one of the following webinars, you must register and pay (if applicable) for the webinar in advance. After clicking the register button, you will be asked to fill out general attendee information and select the webinar(s) you would like to attend.

This year, we are also introducing a new ALL-INCLUSIVE semester webinar package. For $100, NODA members can gain access to the complete Fall 2018 Webinar Lineup. For this package to take affect, you must complete the purchase form and receive a promotion code before registering for each webinar.

Please contact the NODA Association Office if you have any questions.














Leveraging Employee Engagement to Bolster Student Success
Member Price: $49
Non-member Price: $199

Presenter: Jon Sexton, PhD (Read Bio)

Throughout the higher education landscape, there is a significant focus on achieving strong recruitment numbers, achieving high levels of student success, and ultimately maximizing retention. Challenges associated with these goals are amplified based on ongoing challenges for many institutions in regards to dwindling state and federal financial support, increased emphasis on identifying department efficiencies (frequently manifesting as a need to do more with less), and overall budget constraints which can hinder annual increases and professional development opportunities. These challenges pose significant risks to employee engagement, which plays a pivotal role in helping your department achieve goals associated with student success. 

Regardless of institution type (public or private, 2-year or 4-year) higher education professionals need to understand the importance of employee engagement and leverage strategies to maximize it within every team they work with or oversee. Placing an emphasis on employee engagement can significantly buffer the aforementioned challenges many professionals in higher education face today. This webinar will provide an overview of the importance of employee engagement, explore strategies for measurement, and provide tangible initiatives you can implement to help your professional and student teams thrive. 

Related Core Competency: Organization and Leadership


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Benchmarking Strategies for Any Campus
Sponsored and hosted by: Skyfactor

Presenter: Dr. James Mantooth, Executive Director of Enrollment Services and Student Engagement at The University of Tennessee-Martin

One of the biggest challenges with assessment data is making sense of it and acting on it. How do we know when results are outstanding or concerning? What if the results are below average? What should our target performance be? Benchmarking can help provide answers to these questions and more! In this webinar, the presenter will explore what benchmarking is, why campuses would use benchmarking, and different types of benchmarking. Participants will learn about practical strategies for making the most of benchmarking data for any campus. 

This webinar is host by our partners at Skyfactor. Please click here to register. 



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