The charge of the NODA Internship Advisory Committee is to ensure that the annual internship process of the Association aligns with the Association’s strategic priorities.

To meet this charge, the Committee will:

  • Review, create, and uphold a set of rules and guidelines for the NODA Internship process to ensure a consistent experience for hosts and applicants.
  • Develop and present onboarding and educational offerings for hosts and applicants with the support of other standing committees and leadership (i.e. graduate student network, educational initiatives, etc).
  • In alignment with all other educational offerings, create and review the program offered by the association, as assigned by the Board of Directors.
Committee Chair

Chris Diorio
Internship Advisory Committee
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Committee Membership
  • A minimum of six general association members (including the chair)*
  • One general Board of Directors liaison (to be appointed by the Association President)
  • One Association Office Staff member (Ex-Officio)
Committee Member Term
  • Committee members/Chair will serve a two-year term and may serve up to two consecutive terms
  • Committee members should be a diverse representative of professional members, including a range of titles/positions.
  • The Association Office Staff member should be the individual responsible for managing the internship process.