Regional Conference Host

The Regional Conference host is responsible for planning and implementing a Regional Conference for the upcoming year. This appointed position serves the Region. Hosts are appointed by the Regional Coordinator and serve till the end of the conference.

Primary Responsibilities

The Regional Conference Host coordinates a majority of the details and elements involved in planning a Regional Conference. Responsibilities usually include:

  • Select and direct the Regional Conference Planning Team (RCPT)
  • Supervise, implement, and oversee all event committees and all conference activities
  • Coordinate with the host institution for conference spaces, technology, catering, and other logistical arrangements 
  • Develop and promote the conference schedule, including identifying keynote speakers and program presenters
  • Develop the conference budget in collaboration with the Association Office staff
  • Coordinate local logistics and liaison with selected conference hotels as needed
  • Market and promote the conference to members and non-members 
  • Host the conference
  • Submit a final conference reports
  • Maintain regular meetings and work directly with Association Office staff

This role is supported by the Regional Coordinator and the Association Staff.

Qualifications & Eligibility

  • Full-time employment at a higher-education institution. 
  • Active NODA membership. 
  • Two years of professional, full-time employment in higher education/higher education adjacent work.
  • Previous experience serving on a Regional Conference Planning Team and/or experience planning conference events for other higher ed associations.
  • Support for your institution and supervisor to participate in this leadership role and travel to the conference (if necessary). 
  • Experience with event planning. 
  • Experience group facilitation and team management.


Association Membership

Host are required to maintain an active Association membership for the duration of their appointment.

Higher Education Employment

Hosts are required to maintain employment at a higher education institution or a non-profit interest in the field of OTR for the duration of their term.

Financial Obligations

Financial support (institutional or personal) is required to cover travel costs to attend the Regional Conference. If institutional support is unavailable, email the Association staff to discuss options.

Time Commitment

Regional Conference Hosts can expect to spend between 5 to 8 hours per month planning the Regional Conference with additional hours required in the weeks leading up to the event. Attendance at the preceding Regional Conference is strongly encouraged.

Communication & Representation

Host responsibilities require them to be in active communication with other the Regional Leadership Team, the Regional Conference Planning Team, Association staff, and conference participates. Hosts are expected to engage in discussion and actively participate in the planning process. Hosts are expected to represent the Association with clarity, professionalism, and integrity.

NODA Policies

Hosts are expected to adhere to the following NODA Policies:

Recognition & Renumerations

See Volunteer Recognition & Renumeration Policy.

Selection Process

See Volunteer Leadership Selection Process.

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