Annual Conference Planning Committee Roles

Qualifications & Eligibility

Desired Experience, Knowledge, Skills, & Attitudes

  • Previous involvement on a regional or annual conference planning committee for NODA or other higher education association.
  • Diverse professional experience with a variety of institution types, OTR roles, supervision lines, etc.
  • Leadership and professional experience which reflect the skills needed to fulfill the responsibilities outlined below.
  • Current knowledge and understanding of the field of orientation, transition, and retention.
  • Previous contributions to the scholarship of the Association such as conference presentations, facilitated workshops/webinars, or publication submission.
  • Sufficient interpersonal skills to communicate effectively with association staff, NODA Leadership, and conference members.
  • Organizational skills sufficient to perform multiple tasks while managing and monitoring many aspects of the conference experience and expectations.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to collaborate with the association staff, planning committee members, and NODA leadership. 
  • Ability to assist in creating a unique conference program experience while advancing NODA’s strategic plan.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of NODA’s core purpose, beliefs, values, and core competencies, as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the position as stated below.

Primary Responsibilities & Expectations

  • In consultation with Association staff, interview and select the conference committee. 
  • Lead the conference committee to facilitate and implement conference programmatic content.
  • Facilitate and lead regular meetings with the conference committee and meet with individual committee members as needed. 
  • Working in collaboration with the NODA association staff, support the development and management of the Annual Conference budget.
  • In collaboration with Association staff support a graduate intern during the planning process.  
  • Communicate on a regular basis with the NODA leadership about Annual Conference planning process. Attend NODA leadership and board meetings as requested. 
  • Serve as a committee member on the Educational Initiatives Committee
  • Meet regularly with the Association staff. 
  • Review deadlines & application for “Call for Programs”.
  • Coordinate the review and selection of educational session proposals.
  • Coordinate and develop educational session schedule as well as session evaluation process. 
  • Coordinate with presenter resources and assist with accessibility of presentations including distribute of a presenter guide.
  • Serve as the on site point of contact for the selected AV company for educational sessions.
  • Attend committee meetings and meet with Association staff / Committee Chair as needed.
  • Coordinate with the local convention and visitors bureau and/or local hospitality companies for discounts and information regarding local attractions & restaurants.
  • Coordinate conference social experiences including the solo traveler programming.
  • Identify and liaison with a community partner to offer a positive impact for the host community.
  • Develop and distribute a conference accessibility guide.
  • Support conference check-in process for general registration, OPI, pre-conference/extended sessions, side trips, etc.
  • Coordinate the recruitment, assignment, training, supervision & recognition of all conference volunteers.
  • Attend committee meetings and meet with Association staff / Committee Chair as needed.
  • Solicit featured speakers (i.e. plenary speakers, panel discussions, etc.).
  • Coordinate additional educational initiatives that will enhance the conference experience of
    attendees (special events, affinity spaces, network events, luncheons, panels, etc.).
  • Coordinate opening and closing of the Annual Conference. 
  • Attend committee meetings and meet with Association staff / Committee Chair as needed.
  • Assist with communications before, during, and after the Annual Conference via email, social media, & technology
  • Serve as the on site point of contact for the selected AV company for large events
  • Solicit, compile and manage presentations (PowerPoint), videos, and music for large events. Support accessibility efforts for these events.
  • Develop and curate the conference mobile app and other conference related technologies. 
  • Attend committee meetings and meet with Association staff / Committee Chair as needed.



Planning committee members are required to maintain an active Association membership for the duration of their term.


Planning committee members are required to maintain employment at a higher education institution or a non-profit interest in the field of OTR for the duration of their term.


Financial support (institutional or personal) is required to cover travel costs to attend conferences and meetings. If institutional support is unavailable, email the Association Office about the availability of funding through the NODA Excellence Fund.


Planning committee members require a commitment through the end of the Annual Conference. During the course of the appointment, a planning committee members should anticipate an average of 5-10 hours of Association-related calls and project work per month, in addition to attending in-person and virtual meetings. Time commitments ramp up significantly the months prior to the conference.


Planning committee members responsibilities require members to be in active communication with other members, Board of Directors, Association staff, and external constituents. Planning committee members are expected to engage in discussion and actively participate in committee work. Planning committee members are also expected to represent the Association to the membership with clarity, professionalism, and integrity.


  • Build connections with current NODA members and leaders.
  • Influence the professional development opportunities for NODA OTR professionals. 
  • Deepen understanding of event planning, and professional development.
  • NODAC Annual Conference fee waived.
  • Discounted hotel room provided during the Annual Conference.
  • Some meals provided throughout the conference and site visit.
  • Other NODA SWAG.

2024 Planning Timeline & Commitments

  • April 2024
    • Committee Chair Selected
  • May 2024
    • Committee Members Selected
  • May – October 2024
    • Set conference goals, theme, and logo
    • Plan conference reveal at NODAC 2023
    • Monthly Meetings
  • November 11-14, 2024
    • Attend NODAC 2024
  • November 2024 – March 2025
    • Develop Conference Schedule
    • Develop Call for Programs
    • Attend a conference site visit
    • Monthly Meetings
  • March 2025 – August 2025
    • Develop a Conference Program
    • Monthly Meetings
  • September 2025 – November 2025
    • Finalize Conference Details
  • October 19 – October 22
    • On-site preparations
  • October 23 – 26, 2025.
    • NODAC 2025
  • November – December, 2025
    • Develop and submit final conference reports


Applications can be found on the Appointed Leadership page.

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