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The Orientation Professionals Institute (OPI) serves as a training program for professionals who may have limited experience in orientation and have been charged with this responsibility at their institution. OPI is staffed with a team of faculty members who have held leadership positions within NODA and at higher education institutions. It is imperative to have a faculty team who represent a variety of areas in higher education and who will bring together a wide variety of orientation and administrative experiences for the OPI participants.

OPI Faculty members are considered appointed positions and serve at the discretion of the NODA President.  Faculty member terms are typically one-year, renewable appointments.  Term length may vary if being filled in response to an unexpected vacancy.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Leadership: The Lead Faculty will oversee the creation and maintenance of the institute content. The Lead Faculty will work with other faculty members to ensure all pertinent information is distributed to other faculty members and all content development goals are meet in a timely manner. Assist with the selection of faculty. This position will need to: facilitate meetings, delegate workload, and represent the institute to other areas of the association such the Association Board and the Annual Conference Planning Committee. Recommend policy or process changes to the Association Staff or NODA Board of Directors (as appropriate).
  • Curriculum development/enhancement/assessment: The Lead Faculty will provide leadership and ensure the institute adheres to larger goals of the association as described in the strategic plan. This position ensures all of the components of the institute are aligned. Create and review assessment tools, establish learning outcomes, create curriculum and develop resources to meet learning outcomes. 
  • Presentation/teaching: Institute Lead Faculty present multiple sessions during the institute. Faculty is responsible for the preparation, materials, and implementation of these workshops.

Qualifications & Eligibility

  • Knowledge of OTR programs 
  • Knowledge of, and commitment to, the structure, purpose and strategic direction of NODA and OPI.
  • 7+ years working in higher education primarily with orientation, retention, and transition issues.
  • Strong knowledge of orientation, retention, and transition issues and trends.
  • Working knowledge of curriculum development, assessment, and/or research Demonstrated involvement and presentation experience within NODA.
  • Ability to collaborate across diverse constituents and facilitate discussion balancing multiple needs.
  • Active professional membership in NODA.

Desired Experience, Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes


Association Membership

OPI Faculty are required to maintain an active Association membership for the duration of their appointment.

Higher Education Employment

OPI Faculty are required to maintain employment at a higher education institution or a non-profit interest in the field of OTR for the duration of their term.

Financial Obligations

Financial support (institutional or personal) is required to cover travel costs to attend the OPI. If institutional support is unavailable, email the Association staff to discuss options.

Time Commitment

Communication & Representation

OPI faculty responsibilities require them to be in active communication with other faculty members, Association staff, and participants. Faculty are expected to engage in discussion and actively participate in the planning process. Faculty are expected to represent the Association with clarity, professionalism, and integrity.

NODA Policies

OPI faculty are expected to adhere to the following NODA Policies:

Recognition & Renumerations

See Volunteer Recognition & Renumeration Policy.

Selection Process

See Volunteer Leadership Selection Process.

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